Maestra Juanita is from Pucallpa, a city on the Ucayali River in the Amazonian rainforest of eastern Peru. She is of Shipibo lineage with 20 years of experience in medicine plants and is one of the best in the Iquitos area. Juanita is the mother of 4 children and wife of Mr. Fernando Itamani Gonsalez, who also belongs to the Ayahuasca and medicine plant world. Juanita’s diet consists of different medicinal plants such as Ayahuama, Shiric Sanango, Toe leaves, Ajo Sacha and Piñon blanco and she incorporates this into her work for those that need healing. During the Ayahuasca ceremonies, Juanita connects with our guests with her beautiful icaros songs for more than four hours.


Master Lino is a native Kokama curandero, (native healer). He is an expert in medicinal plants and uses them to make specialty brews to cure depression and anxiety disorders. Maestro Lino learned at a very young age from his parents how to become a healer with tobacco (mapacho) and because he lives in the jungle he has a vast knowledge of the surrounding plants and can identify which ones have healing properties. He puts his heart and soul into helping those who come to him for help and has healed many with his wonderful gift as a healer.