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Thousands of years ago, since the beginning of life on earth, human beings discovered a divine and sacred connection between worlds and to enter into the different planes of existence. The medicine, Ayahuasca, has been the key to an unknown science of the subconscious mind for hundreds of centuries. The indigenous people discovered how to access the human soul through rituals and ceremonies.
It is no longer theory, but the practice that makes a great master teacher.
In this six weeks course, you will discover the purpose of your existence and life that lies beyond what we can see, feel and hear.

You will also discover how to access the esoteric world of shamanism.
Our Maestros are of the Shipibo lineage and the instructor has more than 30 years of experience. The Maestro will you teach you their icaros songs that contain access codes to the information in the genetic codes of the soul.
When you start this course, It is very important to understand the purpose of your life and the universal system of sacred geometry where we are co-creating this human experience.
We will take a learning tour with medicinal plants and their use in the cure for many illnesses of our organs.

In the first and second week, we will open the necessary diets with these medicinal plants like for the knowledge of this shamanism course, as well as the physical, mental and spiritual detoxification with the assistance of our curanderos maestros guides.
We will also travel a path of learning and of ancestral memories that will guide us at all times for this meaningful purpose.
To participate in this course, it is vital that you have an open mind and heart, as we will explore existential planes of esotericism unknown to us before.

What is the significance of the Icaros in this course?

The icaros are the songs that the curandero sings in the ceremony to heal and see visions in the energetic bodies of the participants. In these melodies, there are codes and keys of universal connection to life. This is where you develop intuition, the third eye, clairvoyance, clairaudience, sensitivity, channeling and listening to your highest self.
In the third and fourth week, we will continue to learn more about medicinal plants, as well as ourselves. The teachers will teach you how to performance healing in the body when it is unhealthy or sick.
In this course of shamanism, energy management will be practiced. Also, you will the learn use of the tobacco plant called mapacho. This will be utilized with other medicinal plants for inner transformation.
You will participate in these theories all the time while putting into practice what you’ve learned on a daily basis.

In the fifth and six week, you will participate in your guided ceremony with ayahuasca with the teachers and sing your own icaros.
You will also earn a certificate of completion of Amazonian Shamanism.
The most important item is that you develop your healing powers. If you are called to this course, it is because you were chosen by your highest self to participate in this beautiful journey of love.

What are the components that are required to be a master healer ayahuasquero and with other medicinal plants?

Through ancient Amazonian medicine, the cure for many physical, spiritual and mental diseases has been discovered.
This process has been developed by the indigenous people naturally and organically, since they have a close connection to nature and everything that lives in it.
During the healing and Ayahuasca ceremonies, the teachers in our center will share their knowledge so each participant can put this into practice in their shamanic learning journey.

We will teach you every step along the way, so that you can develop and open your Ayahuasca rituals.


The cleaning of internal organs is very important because it helps to maintain a balance in the intestinal flora. This in turn, creates better functioning of the central nervous system in the brain. We now understand the importance of the two systems and and functions and their significance of coming into balance, as it has been demonstrated that all the other energetic systems are balanced through these two functions.
We will give you nutritional guides for preparing the diets.

The purge

It is a cleaning and purification that is carried out by energetically eliminating everything that is undesirable and what the body no longer requires. This process is very necessary in all shamanic cleansing.

Clean space for ceremony

We will show you how to prepare the spaces for the sacred ceremony.
The use of the mapacho or tobacco is very valuable since the air in shamanism means changes and transformation.
There are other plants used for this purpose, as well.

During the sacred ceremony

At this time during the hours of the ceremony, indefinite time lines occur. This means that all multidimensional planes are manifested and sometimes cannot be understood.
Having quantum and esoteric knowledge will help the healer to manage the most favorable energy.


During the ceremony, the teacher will connect with each of the participants. The teacher will also clean the auric, physical, astral and mental energetic centers.

Likewise, the student of shamanism should understand that each human being is a universe in many multidimensional multiverses. That is why the psychic centers are opened to be able to do the healing.

In the Ayahuasca ceremony, many spiritual activities will be developed as well as opening dimensional portals to connect the mental subconscious of the participants.
The apprentice shaman must learn to manage his energy and understand the energy of the other participants.
Safeguarding and harmonizing multidimensional spaces is essential in the ceremony.

Closing ceremony

At the closing ceremony of Ayahuasca the apprentice will sing the Arkana of protection so that no external factor affects or alters the recovery process of the participants.
The teacher will teach the closing melody of the ceremony and the respective protection icaros.

What is included in this course:

Price: $5.940.00 USD

🌿14 ayahuasca guided ceremonies
🌿4 toe mapacho guided ceremonies
🌿4 San Pedro guided ceremonies
🌿Jungle tours to explore medicinal plants
🌿Making your ayahuasca brew with chacruna
🌿Preparation and teaching of medicinal brews for different purposes
🌿Introduction to the esoteric world of shamanism
🌿Daily practice using different modalities of healing and shamanic healing
🌿Access to all icaros songs performed in ceremonies
🌿Kambo course
🌿Preparation of floral bath
🌿You will receive much understanding, compassion ,love and care.
🌿Certification of course Amazonian Shamanism and Curanderismo

We only have 8 spot available for each course.

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Thank you for your kind understanding with this, and we look forward to serving you.


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