Cactus Of San Pedro Ceremony

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Cactus of San Pedro Ceremony

Better known as Echinopsis Pachanoi, the Cactus of San Pedro is a native plant that grows in the mountains of the Andes at an altitude of 2000 – 3000 meters above sea level. The ceremony of San Pedro inspires a quiet yet active transformation of the body, mind and human spirit; opening the heart to expand love, peace, and harmony within oneself and our connection to the world around us. San Pedro is a male medicinal plant that mindfully reveals to us what we must change in our current rituals of thought and behaviour. It allows us to deepen our appreciation and awareness of the profound, raw and natural beauty the world so gracefully holds. San Pedro offers an alternate perspective of our world that we often are not receptive to in our day to day engagement with our lives. The lively ceremony provides a clear, calm and lighthearted vision into the things that are preventing us from being truly connected to our own core and the core vitality of the earth.

During The San Pedro Ceremony in Iquitos, Peru

During the San Pedro ceremony, we are able to release all defenses, resistance, and ego of the mind and thus, we witness ourselves facilitating a flow of incredible transformations while feeling the beauty and joy of life resonate in our heart. During the ceremonies, we can visualize in the multidimensional planes that exist at the same time that they occur in nature. We are fully aware and present, capable and engaged with our reality while understanding that our spirit moves far past the concepts of space, time and physical experience. When we drink San Pedro, we never lose our motor faculties or conscious functioning, always maintaining our full mental, emotional and physical capacities. We venture into the abundance of the Amazon jungle with musical instruments to harmonize with and celebrate the music of the plants, winds, water, and wildlife. We meditate on our inner world while the medicine cleans and heals us. This ceremony is a true afternoon of celebration of life and love exposed within ourselves, others and our gorgeous environment. This natural medicinal plant pulls us closer toward our own core and the vitality provided by the earth through uplifting spiritual energy and insight. The teacher accompanies us at all times to open the ceremony and guide us to the path of love and healing. Laughter, smiles, music, and peace are cultivated and shared in the beautiful San Pedro ceremony and we create the intention to do our best to carry this sense of peace, stillness, happiness, and fun into our lives.

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