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Nancy Rosadio owns Lakshmi Ecolodge and Holistic Spa as well as is the founder of Flower of Life Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center.

Nancy was born and raised in Lima, Peru with a medical family history. It was in her nature to help others in need. Even as a child, she was deeply intuitive and helped whenever possible to alleviate other beautiful souls woes with her compassionate heart.

At the age of eighteen, she decided to immigrate to the United States where she married and raised two kids in the city of Miami. After living in the United States for twenty five years, Nancy divorced to start a new chapter in her life and return to a place she once called home in Peru.

In 2014 she purchased 150 acres of land alongside the beautiful Marañon river in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve with a purpose in her heart. The creation of this sacred space fulfilled her lifelong dream of building a healing center, one that was in mother nature’s Amazon Jungle.

Nancy’s spiritual guidance and intuitive nature led her to create and design her lodge in a magnificent sacred geometric manner. As many people believe the sacred geometric architecture and landscape hones in with their surroundings and creates a healing vortex, Nancy knew this is what was needed to create a safe magical haven for those who come to visit.

Flower of Life Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center is a sanctuary of peace, harmony and tranquility for those who come to better understand and heal themselves through medicinal plants, mother nature and shamanism.

Nancy is a faithful seeker of the truth and her contribution to this world brings a lifelong dedication to helping people around the world to heal on every aspect spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Over the years, Nancy cultivated her talents alongside great spiritual masters, gurus, and maestro shamans from all around the world. She’s studied Buddhist teachings in China, learned esoteric science in Peru as well as quantum metaphysics being the basis of universal cosmic understanding.

She believes that when we realize the purpose of our existence and we heal our subconscious minds, we evolve on a multi-dimensional level of consciousness and change the information in our molecular DNA cells. Consequently you begin to notice and experience improvements in all areas surrounding your life.

Nancy is now a life coach therapist, practitioner of hypnotherapy, pranic healer and a medicinal plant maestra. Doing what she loves everyday helping others and with the support of her children are what makes her dreams feel like a reality.

One of the most important things in my life is to generate change.

I still have a lot to learn in order to develop my skills and reach my maximum potential. My joy is to develop my own inner strength and qualities, as well as helping others find their unique qualities and unearth their hidden potential.

We all have a special power that defines us. We must observe this life with compassion, wisdom and love without resentment. We must trust the presentiments we feel within our body and love what we do.

I believe that observation has a transforming power; it gives you the certainty that we are connected as spiritual beings in this space of the universe and time.



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