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School of Shamanism and Curanderismo Course Onan Yatishovo


Thousands of years ago, since the dawn of life on Earth, human beings discovered a divine and sacred connection between worlds, enabling them to access different planes of existence. Ayahuasca, the sacred medicine, has been the key to unlocking an ancient science of the subconscious mind for countless centuries.

Indigenous peoples learned to access the memories of the human soul through rituals and ceremonies.

In this six-week course at the Flower of Life Healing Center in Peru, you will embark on a journey to discover the purpose of your existence and explore a realm beyond what we can perceive with our senses.

You will also learn how to access the esoteric world of shamanism.

Our Maestros-Shamans belong to the Shipibo lineage, and the instructor boasts over 30 years of experience.

The Maestros will impart their knowledge by teaching you their icaros songs, which hold the access codes to the information encoded within the soul’s genetic makeup.

As you commence this course, it is crucial to comprehend the purpose of your life and the universal system of sacred geometry, through which we collectively shape the human experience.

You will engage in a learning tour that focuses on medicinal plants and their efficacy in treating various illnesses affecting our organs.

During the first and second weeks, we will initiate the required dietary practices involving medicinal plants essential for understanding this shamanism course.

Additionally, participants will undergo physical, mental, and spiritual detoxification with the guidance and support of our experienced curanderos maestros guides.

Throughout this journey, we will traverse a path imbued with ancestral memories that will serve as our constant guide towards our profound purpose.

To enroll in this course, it is crucial to approach it with an open mind and heart, as we delve into existential planes of esotericism previously unknown to us.

Our Maestros are of the Shipibo lineage and the instructor has more than 30 years of experience.

The Maestro will you teach you their icaros songs that contain access codes to the information in the genetic codes of the soul.

When you start this course, It is very important to understand the purpose of your life and the universal system of sacred geometry where we are co-creating this human experience.

We will take a learning tour with medicinal plants and their use in the cure for many illnesses of our organs.

In the first and second week, we will open the necessary diets with these medicinal plants like for the knowledge of this shamanism course, as well as the physical, mental and spiritual detoxification with the assistance of our curanderos maestros guides.

We will also travel a path of learning and of ancestral memories that will guide us at all times for this meaningful purpose.

To participate in this course, it is vital that you have an open mind and heart, as we will explore existential planes of esotericism unknown to us before.

What is the significance of the Icaros in this course?

The icaros are the songs that the curandero sings in the ceremony to heal and see visions in the energetic bodies of the participants.

In these melodies, there are codes and keys of universal connection to life.

This is where you develop intuition, the third eye, clairvoyance, clairaudience, sensitivity, channeling and listening to your highest self.

In the third and fourth week, we will continue to learn more about medicinal plants, as well as ourselves.

The teachers will teach you how to performance healing in the body when it is unhealthy or sick.

In this course of shamanism, energy management will be practiced.

Also, you will the learn use of the tobacco plant called mapacho.

This will be utilized with other medicinal plants for inner transformation.

You will participate in these theories all the time while putting into practice what you’ve learned on a daily basis.

In the fifth and six week, you will participate in your guided ceremony with ayahuasca with the teachers and sing your own icaros.

You will also earn a certificate of completion of Amazonian Shamanism.

The most important item is that you develop your healing powers.

If you are called to this course, it is because you were chosen by your highest self to participate in this beautiful journey of love.


The process of cleansing internal organs is paramount as it plays a vital role in maintaining balance within the intestinal flora.

This balance, in turn, facilitates improved functioning of the central nervous system in the brain.

It is now widely acknowledged how crucial these two interconnected systems are, their respective functions, and the profound importance of achieving and maintaining balance.

Studies have demonstrated that the harmonization of these systems is instrumental in balancing all other energetic systems within the body.

To support you in this journey, comprehensive nutritional guides will be provided to assist you in preparing the necessary and beneficial diets.

The purge

The cleansing and purification process involves energetically eliminating all that is undesirable and no longer needed by the body.

This essential process is integral to all shamanic cleansing rituals.

Creating a clean space for the ceremony is crucial. We will instruct you on how to properly prepare the ceremonial spaces for this sacred event.

The use of mapacho or tobacco holds significant value in shamanism, as the air symbolizes change and transformation in this spiritual practice.

Additionally, various other plants are utilized for similar purposes in these rituals.

During the sacred ceremony

During the ceremony, indefinite timelines are experienced, where all multidimensional planes manifest, sometimes beyond full comprehension.

In such moments, having a foundation of quantum and esoteric knowledge is invaluable for the healer to navigate and harness the most favorable energies effectively.


Throughout the ceremony, the Maestro-Shaman will establish connections with each participant, addressing and cleansing their auric, physical, astral, and mental energetic centers.

Moreover, it is essential for a student of shamanism to grasp that every individual embodies a universe within numerous multidimensional multiverses.

This understanding underscores the necessity of opening psychic centers to facilitate healing practices.

Within the Ayahuasca ceremony, a variety of spiritual activities will be conducted, including the opening of dimensional portals to establish connections with the mental subconscious of the participants.

The apprentice shaman must develop the skill to manage their own energy effectively while comprehending and respecting the energies of other participants.

Safeguarding and harmonizing multidimensional spaces is a crucial aspect of the ceremony.

Closing ceremony

During the concluding moments of the Ayahuasca ceremony, the apprentice will chant the Arkana of protection, aiming to shield the participants from external influences that may disrupt or interfere with their healing journey.

The shaman will impart the closing melody of the ceremony along with the corresponding protection icaros to ensure a safeguarded and harmonious closure to the transformative experience.

What is included in this 6-week Shamanic course at the Flower of Life Ayahuasca Healing Center?

Price: $5.940.00 USD

🌿14 ayahuasca guided ceremonies
🌿4 San Pedro guided ceremonies
🌿Jungle tours to explore medicinal plants
🌿Crafting and cooking your ayahuasca brew with chacruna
🌿Introduction to the esoteric world of shamanism
🌿Practice using different modalities of healing and shamanic healing
🌿Access to all icaros songs performed in ceremonies
🌿Certification of course Amazonian Shamanism and Curanderismo
🌿 Acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of shamanism and medicinal plants
🌿 Explore the sacred connection between realms and the ability to access different planes of existence
🌿 Ayahuasca serves as a potent medicine for unlocking the subconscious mind
🌿 Engage in rituals and ceremonies to connect with the human soul
🌿 Learn icaros songs from Maestros with over 30 years of experience
🌿 Comprehend the purpose of your life and the universal system of sacred geometry
🌿 Utilize medicinal plants for healing various illnesses and partake in educational tours
🌿 Weeks 1-2 focus on initiating essential diets with medicinal plants and detoxification
🌿 An open mind and heart are necessary to explore esoteric realms
🌿 Icaros songs contain codes and keys for universal connection and psychic development
🌿 Weeks 3-4 involve further exploration of medicinal plants and the use of mapacho for inner transformation
🌿 Engage in a guided ayahuasca ceremony and sing your own icaros during weeks 5-6
🌿 Develop healing abilities and evolve into a master healer ayahuasquero
🌿Introduction of a variety of shamanic diets recommended by experienced shamans on a weekly basis, along with their healing effects on the body.
🌿 Share expertise in healing practices and Ayahuasca ceremonies
🌿 Detoxification, energy connections, and opening of psychic centers are vital components of the healing process
🌿 Engage in guided ceremonies featuring ayahuasca, tobacco (mapacho), and San Pedro. The program includes jungle excursions, preparation of medicinal brews, and an introduction to shamanism.
🌿 Access all icaros songs, and instructions for creating floral baths and medicinal plants bath.
🌿 Limited to 8 spots per course, with a cancellation policy and transfer options available.
🌿 Any conduct or activity that may cause harm or is considered inappropriate will result in immediate removal from the center without a refund.

We only have 8 spot available for each course.

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