Why should we do medicinal plant therapies?

Medicinal plants have been used since ancient times for their different properties: antioxidants (anti-aging), anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and even the ability to delay apoptosis or programmed cell death.
Numerous scientific studies have shown the various beneficial properties that plants have for health.
On the other hand, they contain vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids necessary for cardiovascular health.

Currently, the properties of the medicinal plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro are being studied and even used in renowned medical centers for the treatment of cancer and angiogenic, antimicrobial, antiproliferative, immunomodulatory, antimutagenic, and antioxidant diseases.

Medicinal plants contain substances (known as active principles and which are later used in other medicines) that are useful for the treatment of various ailments, such as digestive, sleep, respiratory problems or to protect the immune system.

Here at Flower of Life Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center we know the importance of these master plants specially Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

Ayahuasca and San Pedro are part of our ancestral wisdom as a gift to today’s hectic life.

Millenary drinks with psychedelic components, such as San Pedro and Ayahuasca, are currently used as alternative therapies, thanks to the fact that their effects manage to move and transform human consciousness.

San Pedro and ayahuasca are ancient and sacred drinks, which are known as “the grandparents”. Currently they are considered an alternative therapy, which serves to cure physical and psychological illnesses, thanks to the fact that their effects manage to penetrate the subconscious to heal from the depths of the human spirit.

The drinks of San Pedro and Ayahuasca have a quite bitter taste, the two infusions produce retching, nausea and even vomiting. Both plants generate an altered state of consciousness in the person who takes them.
From this altered state of consciousness it is easier to release toxic emotions, negative thoughts, psychological hooks or karmas.
In this regard, he points out that this opening of dimensional portals allows people to feed on new genetic information, the DNA in the cells, and create renewed beliefs in the minds of the participants.

These sacred drinks are also called “the grandparents”, because in the ancient tribes these people were known as “the wise” and, like them, the plants contain a lot of ancestral information.
In native contexts, they are also considered connoisseurs of good living and of relationships with nature, including beings that inhabit other worlds.

Ayahuasca is “grandmother”, a sacred plant of the Amazon, it has a very strong connection with the jungle and the beings of nature. It is a vine that is cooked together with another plant called chacruna, its psychoactive component is DMT. It works with a very high predominance in femininity, so it works on the unconscious in a more introspective way and with a very metaphorical communication.
The san pedro is “the grandfather”, sacred cactus of the Andes, it is also called wachuma, it has a connection with the cosmos and time. Its psychedelic component is mescaline. It has a predominantly masculine energy, so it works in the unconscious in a very clear and precise way, with a more visual and direct communication.

The Grandparents “Ayahuasca and San Pedro” maintain a balance based on their duality and have a similarity to yin and yang (concept used by Chinese culture to define two opposing forces that complement each other), since both have both masculine energy as female but one is always more dominant but together they make a perfect balance in mind, body and spirit in the human being.

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