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Our Healers

Celia Panduro, Huayta

Maestra Celia was born in 1966 in the city of Canaan de Cachicayu. She has 5 children and began learning about the medicinal plants (Ayahuasca) since she was a child through her parents and grandparents. By the age of 29, she began performing her first ayahuasca ceremonies in Ayahuasca centers.
Her mentor guides have been Javier Arévalo, Manuel Maynas and Pedro Esteban.
Maestra Celia has dedicated several years of her life to performing dietas with several varieties of medicinal master plants like Camalonga, which heals the physical body, White Pine to clean the internal organs of the body, Huayracaspi for connection to the universal cosmos. Shihuahuaco is a very powerful plant that relieves pain and stomach discomfort. Bobinsana Huayusa and Ayahuma are master plants that strengthen the soul, heart and spirit,as well as, Niwe Rao, which is the bright light of the spirits. This medicinal master plant opens the visions and brings good energies to heal and clear the mind. This medicine is widely used with a fasting diet while in isolation.
Celia has been traveling around the world with more than 25 years of experience in practicing shamanism and healing with ancestral medicine.


Juan Gabriel Isamani Romayna

Juan Gabriel was born in the city of Pucallpa on April 3, 1995. He is currently 24 years old. He is the son of Mrs. Juanita Romayna Valles maestra Ayahuasquera and he began to take ayahuasca at an early age and was also trained by his mother maestra Juanita at the age of 12 already dieting different medicinal plants. His maestro ayahuasquero practices included ayahuma, tobacco, amarías,bonbinsana, garlic, red pine nut, chuchuwasi,white pine nut among other plants. He has participated and lead in more than two hundred Ayahuasca ceremonies. He has a privileged voice that he offers us with his icaros in the Shipibo language. Gabriel is of ancestral lineages of maestros ayahuasqueros and is also very connected to nature as well as love of human beings. He has been married to Mrs. Mirna López for four years and they have a 2 year old daughter named Sol Gabriela.

Alfredo Picota Panduro

He was born in Canaan de Cachiyacu in the city of Ucayali, Loreto.
He is the son of our beloved Maestra Ayahuasquera , Celia Panduro Huyata.
He is very faithful to the ancestral tradition of the Ayahuasqueros.
Since a very young age, He had this ability to understand the spiritual world of medicinal plants. Now at 38, he brings this wisdom with him.
From the age of 23, he began to perform his ceremonies connecting all the physical worlds of plants, animals and nature.
Alfredo was interested in helping people heal from a very young age. He saw the need for healing people with different mental, spiritual and physical health problems, who need improvements in their health.
He also made different diets and fasts of master medicinal plants, as well as, a graduate professor of Social Sciences at the University La Catolica (ULADECH)in the city of Chimbote.

Maestro Alfredo has dieted Noa Rao, and is a specialist in offering master plants such as Shiric Sanango, Bobinsana, Ayahuma , Noa Rao, etc.

Lucy Alvarado Picota

Our dear Maestra is 49 years old and mother of 4 wonderful children. She was born in the native community of Tupac Amaru, Ucayali in Loreto.

She began her journey of medicinal plants at the age of 19 . Her parents taught her the path of natural medicine when they saw her gifts as a natural healer and psychic.
She has done many diets of medicinal plants and her favorites are Noa Rao, Shihuahuaco, Machinga, Renaco, Bobinsana, as well as other medicinal plants.
For maestra Lucy, every disease is curable, if you put your will and trust in spiritual strength, everything is possible.

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