14 Day Medicinal Plants Dieta $3,320.00

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14 Day Medicinal Plants Dieta


Medicinal Plant dietas is the relationship that serves as the connection between our inner selves and the plant journey spirits for the awareness of the soul.

The interaction of Ayahuasca, San Pedro and the variety of medicinal plants also reveal insights about us and how much we need to know about ourselves. Like any relationship, Dietas often require effort and intentions, in order to work well.

At Flower of Life Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center, we work with several Master Medicinal Plants Dietas such as:
Shiric Sanango,Chuchuwasi, Cat’s Claw, Malva, Bobinsana, Ayahuma , Piñón Blanco, Achiote, Ajo Sacha, Noya Rao and Tabacco.

Plant Dietas often teach discipline and spiritual growth.

They often include intense fasting and consuming only one plant at a time with small portions of food.

Dietas like this may last for days, weeks or months, and are commonly done in isolation in the environment where the plant is native.

This journey is guided by the Maestros in preparation for ceremony, too.

Dietas are designed to help clear the body of toxins, habits, heal energies, release egos, uplift the physical health and to prepare the body for medicine plant ceremonies.


Most importantly, your diet and activities should not “cross of energies.” Meaning, you will want to act and eat in a way that’s respectful of the journey you’re about to embark upon.

This makes our bodies as free from chemicals and toxins as possible, and full of the intentions we have set for this journey.

We do recommend to eat cleansing foods, fruits, and vegetables, lots of fiber and unprocessed ingredients.

We highly recommend consuming little sugar and oils as possible.

Consider what your body digests well and what makes you feel healthy and energized.

Also, your thoughts matter! Try to think positive about yourself and the dieta. Remember, it’s a relationship that you are forging with the medicine plants that will heal you and teach you.

Benefits of the program 14 days Ayahuasca/San Pedro for your body and soul.

We all want to make changes in our lives in one way or another.

Natural medicine offers this opportunity to accelerate the evolutionary process through healing with medicinal plants.

The energetic frequency the plant medicine vibrate to causes anything that is not vibrating with light in your body, mind, emotions and soul, to evolve.

This is a great part of working with the plants that can lead you to a higher state of consciousness.

Often times, the medicine opens the heart to forgiveness and acceptance for one to reach the state of unconditional love, unity and oneness with all.

Many experience healing in their relationships as the Master Plant Teachers reveal deeper meanings and solutions to relationship issues.

Most experience a much deeper level of self-love and acceptance that is the bridge to loving and accepting all others.

Forgiveness in a very deep way leads the path to that bridge which the medicine can assist in acquiring that state of being.

Ayahuasca is a massive pattern-interrupter.

The old patterns, habits and blockes that hinder your evolution, happiness, love, health, vitality and success in life and higher states of consciousness is adjusted, evolved, released and healed, ultimately.

Ayahuasca has the ability to show you the way through hard times, crisis and traumatic experiences held within a being’s consciousness.

Often times, these issues are stored in the emotional body, spiritual body and/or physical body.

This is a positive and powerful antidote to PTSD, depression and other emotional and mental barriers to living a life filled with joy, peace and harmony.

All Master Teacher Plants work together to facilitate an incredible and efficient detoxing of the physical body.

From the cellular level, toxins, medicines, poisons from environmental pollution can cause disease and premature aging. With the specific dietas, these contaminants in the body will be released and will promote homeostasis, vitality and reverse aging.

The medicinal plants also detox your mind from over-thinking, worrying, anxiety, stress, and toxic thought patterns that reflect in daily life through influencing decision making processes.

You will become more aware of your thoughts and how they influence your emotions and communication with your self and others, which has direct impact on your state of being each and every day.

These Master Plant Teachers are divinely connected and provide a spiritual intelligence and learning that opens your heart, mind and soul to the infinite and the spiritual realms.

Often, a spiritual awakening can take place and new inspirations for your life can occur as a result.

Healing the spirit is one of the main outcomes from working with these medicines.

Many attest to healing one’s relationship with their belief systems of spirit and the esoteric truths that are enlightening, self-releazing and beautiful, during the medicine journey and ceremonies.

What is including :

Price: $3,320.00 USD

🌸Shamanic Consultations.
🌸Customized Master Plant Diet Program
🌸Harvesting and Preparing your Master Plant for Diet
Ajo Sacha, achiote, shiric Sanango ….
🌸Solitary Jungle cottage w/ Bathroom
🌸Floral bath and vapor medicinal plants
🌸All Meals, Water, Tea, seasonal fruits
🌸Jungle boat tours and jungle walking
🌸One-on-One Integration Support co-lead with Shaman During Retreat
🌸1 cleansing toe/ mapacho tabaco ceremony
🌸Healing sessions
🌸Offering to pachamama
🌸6 ayahuasca ceremonies
🌸3 San Pedro ceremonies
🌸Pick Up/Return to Iquitos
🌸There is an extra charge for internet access $40

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