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Reconnection with your inner-self

Reconnection is an ancient esoteric technique that consists of joining our energy channels, or meridians, with the axial lines of the universe. Axial lines are related to the field theory or quantum theory.

Reconnection connects us with all the energy fields of quantum vibration that surround us. These fields are found in the electromagnetic field of the earth and the energy grid of the Universe.
This bonding process allows our body to start vibrating at high frequencies that help in our healing and well-being process.
Reconnection brings a very strong powerful change to our lives. It will help us align our biological energy field with the energy field of the Earth, and therefore with the Universe. The Earth is constantly changing its vibrational level and evolving at every moment. As the Earth changes its vibration we should also raise our own vibration accordingly.

Reconnection is a calibration of the axiotonal lines that will be traced in the body of the person on the astral level and will allow him to return to his initial state of perfection. This interaction allows for the full spectrum of the new frequencies between the person, earth and Universe and finally activating energy, light and information.
Energy is makes up everything that we are as human beings, it shapes our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.
Light is the resonance and communication between these frequencies and between ourselves and the universe.
The information comes through the interaction itself (of the patient) of energy and light (channeled by the practitioner).
This calibration acts on all aspects of the individual, body, mind, emotions and spirit and therefore the results vary from person to person regardless, it provides a comprehensive stimulus.
Some cellulqr change occurs from the moment the reconnection has been executed and continues throughout all your life.
This process is only done once in your life and no more, it happens throughout two sessions that last two days each session lasts one hour each. In situations where there is previous condition, the healing process is shortened, symptoms are diminished or canceled at times there is improvement of creative and physical skills , as its the case for athletes and musicians. Other aspects that are improved are balance and harmony.

By flowing in these frequencies each person will develop what is perfect and appropriate. We just have to be observers of the processes without judging them, without having expectations only then it will be the perfect reconnection.

It is a quantum shortcut that accelerates life processes (without accelerating us) that provides benefits that increase over time.

Benefits of the Reconexion

* It raises the vibration and opens you to multidimensionality, which allows miracles and synchronicities to increase in your life.
* Clarify your life purpose and help you achieve it.
* Access to more levels of information beyond the known ones.
*Greater understanding of what surrounds us
* Greater clarity, power of observation and focus.
*More prosperity and abundance
State of plenitude and harmony
* The timing in your life will be perfect.
* More certainty when making decisions.
* Release fears and guilt.
* Creative ability grows.
* Increase the sense of purpose in life.
* Living in the present will be much more satisfying.
* The immune system is strengthened
* Raises the energetic frequency of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.
* Increases vitality, clarity and / or productivity.

This exchange of light and information is received through the vibration of the number 333 at the level of mind, body and spirit. This is a reminder of the divine nature of time and a sign that the entire universe is conspiring with you to fulfill your dreams and wishes.
That is why the price of these two sessions have a value of $ 333
If you would like to do this initiatic healing practice, please confirm for availability.

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The Reconnection 333


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