How does Ayahuasca transform our alter-ego?

In addition to Ayahuasca, there is a wide variety of Amazonian medicinal plants that have been used since time immemorial. We can consider Ayahuasca a visionary master plant that has an important role in rituals and sacred ceremonies for therapeutic purposes in the dissolution of the ego. This process is guided by the great priests, healers, shamans. Which is especially important today,- in a world that is almost completely unrestrained by materialism and technology.

Materialism and technology causes us to distance ourselves from the very essence of life and our spiritual connection to the higher self. These Medicinal plants also seduce many young people who consume them for recreational and experimental purposes. People assure that some of these medicinal plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro are really healing with positive results for treating mental illnesses: such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress, phobias and many depressive states.

Those who know assure that the visionary and powerful effects cause us to constantly remember our divine essence. Which is of creative human beings and the reality that we live in the physical plane of existence.
These ceremonies or rituals take us on “trips” to the past, future, and other dimensional planes. They establish communication with beings that inhabit the subconscious, extraterrestrials, and recognize other selves that inhabit our internal being. In the first phase, when consumed they produce a certain introspection which is accompanied by creative thoughts. In a second phase, philosophical thoughts are held, trips are made to the interior of the higher self or to childhood, spiritual and transcendent experiences are accessed, certain questions can be reached, new ideas and surprising biological changes in our strands of DNA. It can cause the resolution of internal emotional conflicts in patients that had never experienced this before.
In addition, it can increase sensitivity to admire beauty. The perception of time is also altered, slowing it down, changes in consciousness occur, emotional changes , the peripheral perception of movement is increased, and they allow very old or previous memories to be experienced as real. As far as negative effects, they can cause fear, headache the next day, anxiety, vertigo, dizziness, confusion, drop in blood pressure, reduced attention and memory. All of these effects eventually wear off.

Ayahuasca and other visionary medicinal plants can cause vomiting, diarrhea, gas, upset stomach or other symptoms.

Ayahuasca, native to the Amazon basin, is the most widely used preparation to cleanse the self that belongs to the alter ego, an infrastructure of the personality that we create and adopt throughout our life experience. It can also teach us through the rules of society, our cultural patterns, or subconscious programs of our family circle. This is subconscious programming which can be cleansed of both internal and external impurities. Ayahuasca is a mixture of two plants: the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and a bush called chacruna or changropanga (Psychotria viridis). The mixture of these two plants produces the hallucinogenic substance dimethyltryptamine (DMT), whose effect can last from six to eight hours. Shamans say that it purges the body and soul, because, in addition to leading to introspection and hallucination, it allows astral travel and has sedative effects. It is a purgative which can induce vomit. Ayahuasca, also known as yagé, is experienced under supervision of a shaman, which includes singing (Icarus) during the “journey”. It is worth noting that each “trip” is different depending on the person’s weight, size, and mental state. People respond very differently to their ingestion. Shamans recommend a strict and very reduced diet, before taking it. Those who ingest Ayahuasca say that they experience the death of the ego, that the self dissolves, and that they discover new dimensions of reality.

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