NANCY ROSADIO, OWNER AND FOUNDERNancy Rosadio is the owner, founder and designer of the architectural sacred geometry at Lakshmi Ecolodge & Holistic Spa. Nancy is of Peruvian origin and teaches esoteric science to aid in the development of consciousness and evolution. She has been taught by great spiritual masters and shamans in Cuzco, and learned Buddhist teachings in China. She has also studied quantum metaphysics.

Construction of Lakshmi Ecolodge began in 2014 after living in the United States for 25 years. She let go of her previous life in order to pursue her dream of helping others, using her knowledge of energetic healing. She is a pioneer in the field of eco-tourism, a faithful seeker of truth and an inspiration to the Lakshmi and Flower of Life team.

Nancy believes that when we understand and recognize each direction of our existence, we begin to alter our DNA and begin to experience changes throughout our lives. She believes that this understanding can heal and transform programs that we carry in our genes that have been passed down to us from our ancestors. She has helped mend the hearts of many people in the course of her life, helping them with emotional healing and physical understanding.